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GTN is an advertising platform designed to enable advertisers, generally large national advertisers, to reach high-value demographics cost effectively. GTN offers advertising spots on television and radio networks, adjacent to information reports that listeners are typically highly engaged with, such as traffic and news, as this content is "of use" to the consumer.

Advertisers purchase a schedule of radio spots on a national, regional or specific market basis. The schedule includes spots on all of GTN's radio affiliates in the relevant market. Spots sold in advertising packages are allocated on a percentage-based rotation such that each advertiser receives a pro rata share of advertising spots on each of GTN's affiliates throughout the relevant markets.

GTN offers advertisers a product that is differentiated from traditional advertising platforms:

  • Broad and consistent audience reach: advertisers are able to reach a large number of high-value demographics. In addition, advertising across a large network of affiliates delivers audience consistency as advertisers are less exposed to the ratings swings of a single station;
  • High frequency: advertisements are heard frequently throughout the day on every affiliate within the network in the purchased market or region, enabling advertisers to communicate their message repeatedly;
  • Ideal placement: advertisements are typically aired during the morning and afternoon commute periods, which generally have the largest audience;
  • High recall: short (typically 10 second duration) advertising spots are adjacent to audience-engaging information reports (e.g. traffic or news), are standalone to other advertisements and are often read live by well-known on-air personalities. This format is designed to maximise efficacy, enhance recall and minimise switching during advertisements; and
  • Audience coverage: spots are sold on a national, regional or specific market basis, making the product relevant to both nationally and regionally-focused advertisers.

The value of GTN’s offering to advertisers is evident in the longstanding relationships GTN has developed with large national advertisers.

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GTN's success can be attributed to the value proposition it provides to both broadcasters and advertisers...


A Global Business


ATN commenced operations in 1997 and is now one of the largest broadcast media advertising platforms in Australia by audience reach, covering 32 markets and the majority of the country's population.


CTN commenced operations in 2005 and is now one of the largest broadcast media advertising platforms in Canada by audience reach, covering 14.3 million radio listeners and 8.4 million television viewers.


UKTN commenced operations in 2007 and is now one of the largest broadcast media advertising platforms by audience reach in the United Kingdom, covering all markets and reaching 27.6 million commercial radio listeners.


BTN is currently the sole provider of third party traffic reporting to radio broadcasters in Brazil. Since entering the market in 2011, BTN has grown to cover approximately 35 radio stations across three major metropolitan markets, being Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.